Destiny of Choice

A self help guide based on events from a true love story​

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Destiny of Choice is a story about...





On one hand, Destiny of Choice is a tale of romance and its tragic challenges.

On the other hand, it is an incredibly powerful manual for living a happy life.

Preview of Destiny of Choice

Externally I had been on the brink of tears, but internally I was already pouring my eyes out

She looks at me, her lips twitching as if to say something, but she purses them and sighs.​

It is really important to notice the beautiful things around us, especially during difficult times. This makes you realize...

I twitch my hand in nervous anticipation, wondering what he was about to tell me next.

There emanated within me an indescribable feeling of happiness. Pure, unadulterated happiness

We, as humans, cannot know everything. The sooner you’re at peace with that, the better it will be for you.

It was almost as if the Universe took over and decided to shake my beliefs and turn my life upside down…

Boredom is a very useful skill, if applied correctly. One can always get bored of one’s problems.

‘As if human beings ever know who is the right person to marry.’

I found myself weighed down by the dark clouds of sadness and helplessness. It felt as if time had stopped for me.

Nitin Shah

CEO – ICHARS, Director – ICHARS Support Foundation

A trainer, therapist, life coach, motivational and inspirational speaker. Over the last decade, Nitin has trained over 1000 professionals including 400+ coaches and 600+ psychotherapists.

As a therapist, trainer and coach, he has touched over 50000 minds.

He is now working towards improving the quality of available mental healthcare. 

On one hand he is very committed and on the other hand he is an extremely lazy person who specializes is finding ways of doing things quickly and effortlessly